Gujarat Institute of Amateur Radio

About Amateur Radio

Amateur radio is an International hobby of Radio Communications and interested individuals communicate with each other using many different types of wireless transmitting modes and devices. Amateur radio operators are often called “Ham Radio operators” or simply “HAMs”. The source of the name ham is not known but it is believed that the first letters are selected from the name of three pioneer scientist namely Hertz, Armstrong, Marconi. The beginning of amateur radio is believed from early 1900s. The name amateur has nothing to do with skill or knowledge but rather implies that ham radio cannot be used for commercial or revenue generating purposes. It is truly a hobby but often one that makes a difference especially in emergency or disaster situations. The WPC at the Ministry of Communications licenses Ham radio operators in India. Specifically, there are a few things that hams are not allowed to do:

Hams are not allowed to do anything with their radios that earns them money in any way. Ham radio is a hobby, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely frivolous.

Ham radio operators cannot `broadcast’ to the public. This means that ham radio transmissions are meant for other ham radio operators only. What you will hear is hams talking to other hams and not music or other radio programs of `general’ interest.

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