The recent quake that struck the state of Gujarat on January 26th, the 51st republic day of India left the state in shock. Within seconds normal life was thrown out of balance and everything came to a stand still. Communications- a major player in the lives of humans was thrown to the winds.


What saved the day was HAM radio a sophisticated communication device that managed to bring back connectivity with the world. These HAM sets were installed in the affected areas in a record time!

Thanks to some citizens who had hands on experience in this field. Since not many HAM’s were available it was difficult to keep in touch with such a vast areas. HAM sets from various parts of the country were brought in as far as Banglore, Hydrabad and Mumbai. These HAM’s were not enough and the National Institute of Amateur Radio and A.P.Police Ham communications sets worked together to bring back communication during the quake.

It was only after this quake that realisation struck that the state needs a permanent set up of such advanced communication device. They also realsied the need to have a number of HAM sets since Gujarat is a state that is prone to disasters and these communications means come in handy during times of such emergency. Some individual specialists in this field got together and established a Gujarat chapter under the aegis of the Gujarat Institute of Amateur Radio (GIAR). The institute has its headquater established in Gandhinagar and they have a branch that functions and holds training classes in Ahmedabad located in the Community Science Center premises. The institute is also a platform for HAM’s in the state to come together on a platform and discuss various issues.

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